How to Take Good Care of Your Hands


Your hands can reveal everything about your age. Have a look at them right now and pay attention to what you see. It is quite possible that the skin is stretched and wrinkled. There may be age spots or discoloration. Or may be they just look too old as if they do not belong to you, but rather to your grandma. These are all things that tell you that you are getting older. Your hands do show your age, but if you treat them well they can hide it too! If the surface layer of dead skin cells is removed, you will get softer and younger looking skin. A gentle abrasive cleaner can do this magic work for you.

You probably didn’t know this. But your hands show the first signs of aging; much before your face or other parts of the body. This is because your hands have thinner skin and the number of oil glands is much lesser than other parts of your body. Your hands are also as exposed to the harmful effects of the sun as your face. They also suffer damage due to harmful cleaners. When you use creams and lotions, they will only cover up the problem for some time. But they will not remove the dead cells. These dead cells are the real cause of dry and wrinkled skin on your hands.

There is something that you can do. A mildly abrasive substance such as Dead Sea salt used once a week can help. The salt removes the dead skin cells and your hands will become soft and supple. They will feel much better and they will look much younger. You can use Dead Sea salt scrubs by themselves or you can combine them with your cleansing gel. Just moisten your skin with warm water and then take about a tablespoon of salt. Rub the salt on one hand with vigorous washing motions for about 30 seconds. Then rinse it off. You are done! Notice how softer and younger your hands begin to feel instantly. You will also realize that this change lasts much longer than the mild and short-term change brought about by hand creams and lotions. This is because this scrub removes those dead skin cells from your hands.

Why shall we use Dead Sea salt? There are definitely other salt-based abrasive cleaners available in the market. But Dead Sea salts are much better because they are rich in minerals such as potassium, magnesium, bromide. Potassium balances the moisture of the skin.

Magnesium works on the skin by healing it. Bromide helps in smoothing the skin. Dead Sea salt removes the toxins from your hand skin by exfoliating it and revitalizing it. When you rub the salt on your hands, it stimulates blood circulation and accelerates new cell development.