Tips for a Speedy Morning Routine

Morning Routine

We’re guessing it was a man who invented the snooze button – after all, with their pared down morning routine, it’s easy for them to grab a few more minutes in the sack.

As for women, even the most low-maintenance among us need a good chunk of time to properly prepare ourselves for the day ahead which is why we love hair and beauty hacks – those tips and tricks to help speed up our routine and spend less time in the bathroom every morning.

Here are just a few of our favorite ways to shave off minutes in the morning!

Hasty Hair

  • If you don’t have time to wash your hair but it’s beginning to look greasy, washing just your bangs can make a huge difference. Tie the rest of your hair back, apply shampoo to the front section, rinse and dry. It’ll give you the impression of freshly-washed hair without the hassle.
  • While using a dry shampoo is no substitute for washing, it’s great for those mornings when your hair just needs a quick pick-me-up. Dry shampoos absorb extra oil, add volume and perk up even the worst bed-head.
  • Leave-in conditioners have come a long way and no longer leave your hair looking lank and weighed down. For people with dry hair types, leave-ins provide an extra hit of conditioning that will tame fly-aways and keep the hair hydrated all day.

Speedy Skincare

  • Other than the risk of giving your significant other a fright in the night, using an overnight face mask means you’ll wake up with perfectly conditioned skin that is ready for its close up. Considering most skin renewal action takes place while we snooze, wearing a nourishing mask at night is extra effective.
  • Slather a rich, conditioning cream on your feet at bedtime then slip on cotton socks so you can enjoy perfectly smooth skin in the morning. Nutrients in the cream will be fully absorbed, softening the roughest skin so you can skip the pumice in the shower.
  • If you are so pushed for time in the a.m. that you have no time to jump in the shower, do it before you go to bed. All you need to do in the morning is give yourself a quick ‘wash’ with a baby wipe, swipe on some deodorant and you’re good to go!

Make-up in Minutes

  • For the most time-crunched among us, multitasking make-up products are a gift sent from heaven! Tinted moisturizers and cream blushes that double as lip tints not only speeds up your routine but cuts down on your vanity clutter so you’ll be able to find things faster too. Other double-duty products are eyeshadows that can be applied with a Q-tip for a sexy, smudged liner and eyeliners that can be used to define and darken the brows.
  • No time for mascara but still want to wake up your eyes? Apply a touch of Vaseline to your lashes. This bathroom staple will not only separate and define the lashes, but when used on a regular basis encourage lash growth by keeping them conditioned and less likely to break. Bonus!
  • Instead of fussing around with lip liner and lipstick, simply use the liner on the whole lip for a subtle stain with a hint of color. No priming, no blotting and no leaving your mark on your morning cup of coffee – just pretty lips that last all day.

So go ahead, hit that snooze button and sleep easy knowing you’ll be up and out the door looking fabulous in no time at all!

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