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Revivatone – Overview

Revivatone is a rich, intensive repair complex made by the award-winning Solvaderm company. All the products in the extensive Solvaderm range are high quality, clinically proven, and 100% safe for all skin types; the manufacturer combines the best of nature with scientifically advanced techniques to produce their line of treatments that perform so well, they are used by skincare professionals worldwide. Revivatone specifically targets the skin on the neck and chest area, which because it’s much thinner than the skin on other parts of the body is vulnerable to becoming prematurely aged. By providing nutrient-rich extracts that work both on the surface and at a cellular level, Revivatone addresses multiple signs of aging: it repairs damage, tightens and lifts sagging, wrinkled skin, and radically improves the tone for better clarity and a reduction in discoloration. Used regularly, the potent dual-peptide skin cream also works on enhancing the skin’s texture, making it smooth and soft, while strengthening the connective tissues and increasing density. By doing so, the skin can withstand further damage and retain a long-lasting youthful appearance.

  • Revivatone
  • Revivatone
  • Revivatone


Revivatone is easily incorporated into any skincare routine and works particularly well in conjunction with Solvaderm’s other anti-aging treatments. It can be purchased on its own or as part of a Solvaderm bundle, such as their Targeted Wrinkle Repair System which includes the best-selling consumer favorite, Stemuderm anti-wrinkle cream. As with all Solvaderm products, Revivatone is hypoallergenic and free from any harmful parabens or sulfates. It is sold directly from the company’s official website which is informative and user-friendly; customers ordering Revivatone have their choice of a free sample of one of Solvaderm’s other popular products and all orders are backed by Solvaderm’s 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

Revivatone – Key Product Benefits

  • Deeply moisturizes dry, flaky skin
  • Boosts the production of collagen and elastin
  • Repairs damage and increases skin density
  • Tones and lifts sagging skin
  • Uses professional-grade natural ingredients
  • Smooths away fine lines and wrinkles
  • Gives the skin an overall more youthful appearance

Revivatone – Advantages

  • Produces dramatic results in minimal time
  • Contains highly concentrated, clinically proven ingredients
  • Is free from harmful chemicals and synthetic ingredients
  • Has a multi-action, technologically advanced formula
  • Works continuously with a time-released delivery system
  • Customers are not required to sign up for an auto-shipping delivery plan
  • Cruelty-Free not tested on animals

Revivatone – Key Ingredients

Revivatone contains carefully selected ingredients that are listed and explained on the Solvaderm website. The powerful blend of peptides and intense hydrators work synergistically to produce visible results in minimal time. The key active ingredients found in the Revivatone formula include:

  • Hyaluronic Acid – This intensely hydrating ingredient is essential for attracting and retaining moisture in the skin for long-lasting plumpness and a smoother, line-free appearance.
  • Hexapeptide-10 – A potent peptide which has been clinically proven to help restructure the skin, Hexapeptide-10 increases the production of vital skin proteins and strengthens the area between the epidermis and dermal layers for a firmer, lifted, more toned outer appearance.
  • Acetyl Dipeptide-13 – This second essential anti-aging peptide helps to support an increase in collagen, the protein responsible for giving the skin a plump, firm appearance. It also reduces the breakdown of elastin, so skin remains toned, smooth, and free from the sagging that often affects the neck and chest area as we age.
  • Glycerin – In addition to attracting large volumes of moisture from the atmosphere for increased hydration, Glycerin creates a natural barrier on the skin, preventing it from becoming dried out and protecting against harmful, aging toxins and pollutants.
  • Squalane – A naturally-occurring moisturizer, Squalane absorbs quickly into dry, thirsty skin giving it a silky smooth, super-soft texture. High in antioxidants, with the added ability to boost the production of healthy new skin cells, Squalane slows the signs of aging and promotes a long-lasting youthfulness.

Revivatone – Research, Studies & Clinical Trials

As you would expect from a product made by a company with the reputation of Solvaderm, Revivatone has been extensively studied for safety and effectiveness. All the ingredients contained in the premium formula were specifically selected based on their individual anti-aging properties and the way they work in combination with one another. You’ll find numerous clinical studies online that attest to the powerful benefits of Hyaluronic Acid and there is no doubt that it’s an essential part of any anti-aging formula, restoring moisture in dry, flaky, mature skin. Used daily, Hyaluronic Acid has been shown to significantly increase levels of hydration in the skin, improving the rough texture of the skin surface in as little as two weeks. While Squalane, the hydrogenated version of Squalene, has also been clinically proven to boost skin moisture significantly, research has shown that it has the added ability to keep skin protected from harmful free radicals thanks to its high levels of antioxidants. Lastly, the two potent peptides contained in the Revivatone formula are backed by numerous scientific studies that demonstrate their unparalleled anti-aging benefits, largely due to their effectiveness in stimulating the production of fortifying skin proteins. In a 60-day study looking at the benefits of Hexapeptide-10 for aging skin, participants experienced an improvement in the compactness of their skin by 53%; studies performed on Acetyl Dipeptide-13 concluded that it increased collagen production in skin cells by as much as 99%, thereby significantly improving skin firmness and tone over time.

  • Revivatone
  • Revivatone

Advanced Skincare To Redefine Your Routine

Solvaderm is an established skincare company that produces a wide range of high-quality treatments for all skin types. While they offer effective products for individuals of all ages, they are particularly well-known for their extensive line of best-selling anti-aging creams and serums, which are specifically designed to address the multiple, often complex issues that affect mature skin. Using advanced skincare technology and natural, concentrated extracts, each Solvaderm formula is clinically proven to produce powerful results and used regularly, most customers experience a visible improvement in less than 28 days.

Safety Profile of Revivatone

Solvaderm has an exceptional record of producing professional-grade treatments that can be used on any skin type. As with all Solvaderm products, Revivatone’s superior, non-irritating formula was developed by leading dermatologists and thoroughly tested at every step of the manufacturing process. From the inclusion of only the purest, high-quality organic extracts, to the BPA-free container that is specially designed to keep out bacteria, Solvaderm has covered all the bases, allowing consumers to feel fully confident that Revivatone is 100% safe and can be used for as long as required without ever causing any kind of adverse reaction. It goes without saying that the company follows stringent government guidelines in the manufacturing of all their products and their USA-based, state-of-the-art facility undergoes regular inspection to ensure all standards are maintained.

Revivatone – The Conclusion


We often go to great lengths to care for our complexion but can sometimes neglect the skin on our neck and chest which, unfortunately, is even more prone to premature aging. Using a product such as Revivatone that has been specially designed to repair and protect these areas is essential; going beyond merely moisturizing the skin, the complex provides vital nutrients to increase density, boost collagen production, and most importantly, resist further damage. Revivatone consistently receives glowing reviews from Solvaderm customers who love the fact that they’re able to wear what they want, such as low-cut tops, without feeling self-conscious, and that the skin on their neck, chest and décolleté now looks just as youthful as their facial skin. Revivatone works amazingly well with other products in the Solvaderm anti-aging range and many customers report seeing visible results within just a few short weeks when used twice a day as recommended. Whether you want to correct existing damage or be proactive against further signs of aging, Revivatone is a must-have product for any daily skincare routine.

Customer Reviews Makes Revivatone The Top Choice

4.76 Average 9867 Reviews
  • Dawn G. 5 star

    I use this in the morning and at night. My neck and chest are getting lots of attention and moisture for the first time ever. Those areas also look better than ever too. My skin feels smooth, lots of the fine lines and light freckling has gone away. I am very happy with this.

    1 hour ago

  • Pamela Z. 5 star

    Love the pump, a little goes a long way, sinks in quickly, NO strong smell–actually I do not think it has fragrance at all. Ths is really a winning neck cream. Very thick and hydrating and gentle and my neck looks smoother.

    1 hour ago

  • Dominique S. 5 star

    I love how this makes my neck and chest much more smooth and soft. I can touch my skin now and it feels like it bounces back. I am so happy to see peptides as ingredients in here because I have heard a lot of good things about peptides!

    1 hour ago

  • Whitney S. 5 star

    Tanning beds got the best of me in the 90s and early 2000s and now I am battling the pigmentation and wrinkling. This has really improved my decolletage pigmentation and wrinkles. I have some deeper wrinkles that wont go awaay, but a lot of the finer lines have plumped up and my chest and neck look younger and healthier now. Oh, and I use sunscreen every day now too.

    1 hour ago

  • Monique G. 5 star

    My neck skin and upper chest just looked so thin and dry in pictures that I finally bought this to do something about it. I wish I had found this sooner–my neck now looks firmer and the skin actually looks a little thicker and fuller because I am massaging it each day and bringing better circulation back to my neck and chest. Oh – and the lotion is working!

    2 hours ago

  • Angie S. 5 star

    I have been self conscious about my double chin for years, and when I finally lost weight, my chin and neck became much more visible and they lost a lot of volume and firmness. I use this twice a day and it’s really helping to lift and tighten my neck skin.

    2 hours ago

  • Rachel S. 5 star

    This has helped to even out the skin tone and minimize sun damage and pigmentation in my skin. I apply it upwards to my neck as well, and I am really happy with how it has made my neck look and feel since starting. Great product.

    5 hours ago

  • Ashley L. 5 star

    I used this along with the glowpeel to attack the sun damage on my upper chest. It has worked beautifully without too much flaking and with NO expensive prescriptions. I would absolutely recommend using the highest SPF too. My sun damage improved by like 75%, and I am SO happy with my results. I will continue using this product!

    8 hours ago

  • Francis K. 5 star

    Massaging this in has become almost therapeutic for me each day. It has helped my chest sun damage immensely. The skin looks almost thicker–almost like its more supported now. My entire chest area looks younger because its not sprinkled with wrinkles and freckles anymore.

    13 hours ago

  • Catherine D. 5 star

    This is a really good texture, sinks into my skin when I massage it in. Tons of hydration at night to treat my deeper wrinkles. My results over 6 months have been great. My neck feels softer and lifted, and my chest feels smoother too. Especially the wrinkles in the middle of my decollete area from cleavage. Those deeper wrinkles are not as pronounced anymore.

    13 hours ago

  • Regina L. 5 star

    Oh my goodness this pump is beautiful. The lotion is too. But I really love the packaging of this! Ok now onto the results. I have been using this for several months now. I apply it religiously every day and have seen amazing results on my neck, double chin, and chest. My thin looking neck skin looks younger and thicker and fuller now, and it does not look like turkey skin. My chest wrinkles have smoothed out a lot. Granted, theres still a lot of sun damage there, but its really getting better. I will absolutely keep using this every day because of the improvements I am seeing in my skin.

    14 hours ago

  • Tara B 5 star

    My neck and chest do not look crepey anymore. This neck cream is an amazing firming moisturizer. I always rub the extra on my hands when I am done, because I want the same benefits on my aging hands.

    17 hours ago

  • Christina M. 5 star

    I have been using this neck cream for about 2 months now. Same bottle that I originally purchased, so its lasting a while. I love how it has make my neck look smoother and feel softer. I love applying it. I love the way it smells and feels.

    20 hours ago

  • Marcy H. 5 star

    My neck lines got significantly worse when I started a desk job. This neck cream is working wonderfully to keep those lines from getting worse. Actually the horizontal lines are getting better. The lotion is lightly lightly scented, but its gentle and fresh on the skin. Not heavy or greasy at all. I am very happy with my results so far and will continue using it every day!

    23 hours ago

  • Audrey K. 5 star

    I started applying this to my husbands neck about a year ago. Front and back.The difference is astounding. His skin was leathery and thick, and since we started using this, its much softer, smoother and less damaged looking. Absolutely impressed and we will both continue using this.

    1 day ago

  • Joanie B. 5 star

    I have been using this on my chest, neck and even shoulders now to help repair my sun damaged skin. No irritation. My skin feels softer, hydrated. But best of all, I have noticed a lot of the freckles and fine lines have disappeared.

    1 day ago

  • Ricki G. 5 star

    This has really helped to tighten and lift my skin. My neck looks better than it did months ago. Its really made a big difference in how my chest skin feels. Its much much softer now.

    1 day ago

  • Stacey J. 5 star

    I have a ton of sun damage and this really look care of a lot of the discoloration on my chest and neck. I have a lot of horizontal bands and this has helped tightern up my neck skin. Great product and I am happy with my results.

    1 day ago

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