Add Salt in your Daily Routine to get Astounding Health Benefits


Centuries ago, salt was a high-priced commodity – so much so that Roman soldiers were actually rewarded with salt for outstanding performance! These days the popular condiment is much more affordable and, while it’s a staple on any dinner table, it has so many uses for health and beauty, you may be tempted to leave a salt shaker in the bathroom!

Here are a few ways that this everyday item can be used to create a healthier you.

Soak it Up – Salt is packed with beneficial minerals such as sodium chloride, magnesium, calcium and bicarbonate, all of which have a multitude of benefits for the body.

Adding sea salt to a bath not only helps the body relax but supports detoxification and circulation. In addition to this, it can ease inflammation, making it perfect for muscle aches and pains.

Beach-Hair Beauty – Who doesn’t love that ultra-textured and tousled beach-hair look? With the help of salt you can achieve this look without ever having to hit the sand (although we highly recommend that too!) – simply spray a solution of salt water on the hair and finger dry.

The salt in the water will add volume and texture by opening up the hair cuticle and, as a bonus, absorb excess grease making it perfect for those with oily hair.

Sparkle and shine – Applying a paste of baking soda, lemon juice and salt to nails and teeth helps to gently remove stains, leaving them brighter and whiter.

One word of warning – while nails are strong enough to undergo this treatment on a regular basis, go easy on the teeth as overuse may damage the enamel. If you’re in any doubt, always check with your dentist first!

Super Scrubs – one of the most popular uses for salt, other than adding to our French fries, is in exfoliating the skin. Making a DIY salt scrub is simple – mix salt with coconut oil (or other natural oil such as jojoba or sweet almond), add a small amount of honey and an essential oil (optional!) and you have an awesome scrub that will remove any dead cells to reveal brighter, glowing skin.

Scrubs can also be applied to the face and lips using a mix with a higher oil to salt ratio which will reduce the risk of irritation and redness. Applying salt to the skin can also encourage skin cell renewal which is great for mature skin when this process slows down leaving the skin dull and tired-looking.

Washed Out – while you’ve probably gargled with salt water as a cure for a sore throat, salt water is great to use as a mouthwash and as a way to boost overall dental health. Salt water works wonders to help heal mouth sores, restore the PH balance and get rid of nasty bacteria that may contribute to bad breath.

Cheap, plentiful and beneficial – now that’s a reason to grab the salt and get shaking!