Shape Your Eyebrows to Look Gorgeous

Shape Your Eyebrows

If you want to look beautiful, eyebrow shaping is indeed a great place to begin. Shaping eyebrows helps bring out the features of your face and makes it look firmer. And that’s not all. It also makes you look and feel younger. Also, since shaped eyebrows make your face eye area open up, eye makeup looks more impressive on your face.

If you are not shaping your eyebrows because you think that it’s painful, or you may just ruin it for good, don’t! What you need is some expert advice and learn the art of shaping your eyebrows in a perfect way.

So, here is some great advice!

How to trim your eyebrows

Here is the first thing that you need to do. Trim the excess hair. Use a small pair of scissors or a mustache trimmer (with a comb) to do this. Trimming alone can bring about wonderful changes in your appearance.

You can trim your eyebrows in the correct way by doing this. Comb the hair on the eyebrows up towards the forehead. If you find hair that reaches beyond the natural eyebrow line, just trim it. The next thing you should do is comb the hair down. If there is any hair that reaches beyond the natural eyebrow line, trim it again. Use the same method on the other eyebrow to remove any excess hair.

How to tweeze the hair

If you want tweezing to be successful, you need to know which hairs should be tweezed. Here is how you can know which hairs should be tweezed. Take a pencil eyeliner from your makeup kit. Put this pencil against the side of your nose vertically. The pencil should be placed in such a way that it begins mid mouth and reaches the eye’s tear duct. The point where it touches the eye duct is where your eyebrow should begin. If there are hairs on the opposite side of the pencil, i.e. away from the eyebrow, just tweeze them. Do the same thing for the other eyebrow.

Now let’s work on the arch of the eyebrow. Place the pencil eyeliner diagonally with the pencil resting on the outside of the eye’s iris, the nostril, and the mid mouth. Now, what you want to do is to slowly tweeze a line from the beginning of the eyebrow to the arch. Be careful here since you don’t want to overdo anything here.

Now, here is what to do with the end of the eyebrow. Place the pencil eyeliner diagonally from outside the eye corner. It should cross the nostril and the mid mouth. Hairs reaching past that point should be tweezed.

Here is how to finish up shaping your eyebrows

So, you have finished your trimming and tweezing. Now, place the pencil eyeliner in a horizontal line from the beginning to the end of your eyebrow. You will find a perfectly straight line on both your eyebrows!

You can also try threading or waxing to get those perfectly shaped eyebrows. However, don’t try them on your own. Get the help of your beauty salon to avoid any unnecessary errors or accidents.

Do you think that you cannot take the risk of shaping and trimming your eyebrows on your own? Then don’t worry. Just visit your beautician. You may have to pay a little, but it will help you avoid the embarrassment of making a mess of your eyebrows. But then again, if you practice on your own, you can always keep getting better at it as time goes by. You can use the above tips to trim and shape your eyebrows. The only other thing that you should always keep in mind is that never put too much pressure while shaping your brows. It will only lead to inflammation in the area.

If you want our suggestion, then do it yourself. You will of course save money. But that’s not the only reason. You are also the only one who understands your face better than the rest.

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