Outfits You can Wear at a Musical Fair- Fashion for Summer Music Fest

Dressing for the Summer

There’s a reason why summer is the best time of the year – the long, hot days that turn into balmy nights, the barbeques with friends and, of course, the hottest music festivals! Even if your favorite band isn’t playing, hanging out at a cool music fest with your friends is one of the best ways to spend those summer weekends, meet new people and show off your summer bod is some of the season’s top fashions. Before you hit the road and head of to the latest fest, here are a few tips for doing the circuit in style!

1. Embrace Festival Fashions

Some fests have a distinct feel and it can be fun to bring elements of that into your outfit. Pick one or two pieces that you love such as a fringed jacket, long flowing vest or large, floppy boho hat that scream ‘music fest’ but won’t leave you looking like you’re attending Woodstock.

2. Top it Off

Speaking of hats, you’re going to be out in the sun…a lot! While sunscreen and covering up are probably the last things on your mind as you rock out to the music, sporting a sunburn is not a good look and let’s not even get started on heat stroke! Avoid this by keeping your boho hat firmly on your head, slathering on the sunscreen even on the cloudiest days and making sure a water bottle your MVA (most valuable accessory.)

3. Keep it Comfortable

Sure, part of the fun of any fest is roughing it a little but feeling miserable the entire time due to uncomfortable shoes or soaking wet clothing is not what you signed up for. Most festivals take place in a field and, if the weather Gods aren’t playing nice, things are going to get dirty.

Be prepared by bringing a waterproof jacket, rubber boots (which can look super cute with that pair of cut-offs!) and a water-resistant bag for all your essentials. And really, do we need to remind you to skip the heels?

4. Go for the Layered Look

While the weather might be unpredictable, one thing you can be sure of is the evenings are going to get cool. Make sure you can party late into the night by bringing some warmer cover-ups to ward off the nighttime chill and clothing that layers well, such as a long vest, tunic and leggings, boyfriend shirt or, if all else fails, a big oversized sweatshirt to throw on.

5. Stick to your Style

There’s nothing worse than wearing clothes that just feel wrong so stay true to your own style no matter what type of festival you’re at. Attending that trendy electro-dance music fest doesn’t mean you have to dress in day-glo colors like a rave-club kid. Wear your favorite club gear and enjoy the vibe on your own terms.

6. See What’s Trending

If you really want to be Instagram-ready this summer, check to see the looks that are trending at the fests so you’re prepared for those social media moments. Fashion bloggers and influencers are always on-trend as are the celebs that make the annual migration to the mighty Coachella.

While outright copying isn’t cool, taking note of a few style tips means you’ll be sure to stand out in the festival crowd and look #fabulous!

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