Make your Eyes Pop with these Simple Makeup Tips


We all want our eyes to stand out – whether you favor heavy eye make-up or prefer a more natural look, all eyes are on our eyes! Make the most of yours by following some simple make-up techniques the pros use to enhance, flatter and make those peepers pop!

  • Use a light or white liner on the inner edge of the lower lid to make the eye appear larger and the whites of the eye brighter.
  • Add a small dot of light, shimmering eyeshadow to the inner lid to lighten the area and add a touch of glamour.
  • Contrast your eyeshadow color with the natural color of your eyes. If you have brown eyes, try a dark blue or navy-colored shade and for those with blue eyes, a brown or dark taupe will enhance your hue.

    Purple shades look amazing with green eyes while all shades suit and flatter light or dark gray eyes.

  • Keep a neutral lip, especially if you’ve gone heavy on the eyes. Emphasis on the eyes and the lips looks over-made up and dated, so if you want to play up the eyes, keep the lips natural or a soft nude or peach tone.
  • Only apply eyeliner towards the outer edge on the lower lid and never extend it inwards further than halfway. This will have the opposite effect of what you’re trying to achieve and simply make the eyes look small and closely set.
  • Add a highlighter to the brow bone to emphasis the area and enhance the overall effect. This is particularly effective for an evening look where a sophisticated, polished look is desired.
  • Although bright blue eyeliner around the rims of the eyes may remind you of the 80’s, a subtle, softer blue is flattering to most eye colors and gives an unexpected pretty pop of color.
  • Go for some real drama by applying a line of black liquid eyeliner along the top lashes. While this can be tricky to master, it is the best way to really produce a bold, sexy look that won’t be forgotten!

    Extending the line just beyond the eye, with a slight, tapering lift will produce an exotic cat’s eye, reminiscent of Amy Winehouse or Sophia Loren. If you can’t handle the liquid, there are many brands that offering the same effect but in a pen applicator, making it much easier to control and shape.

  • Don’t forget your eyebrows are an important part of your overall look so keep them shapely and well-groomed. Getting your eyebrows shaped professionally is worth the investment and will help you discover the best shape for your face, making it easier to maintain at home.

    If you get carried away and over pluck, fear not! There are many great eyebrow products that can fill in sparse areas on the brow to give a natural, full look until your own grow back.

  • No eye look is complete without a swipe of mascara. Applying mascara only to the lashes at the outer end of the eye will give an elongated appearance while application from inner to outer lashes will lift and open the area.

    A light hand is needed if applying mascara to the lower lashes (we want to avoid the panda look!) and, for real impact, a few, well-placed single false lashes will make your own look lusher, fuller and just plain sexy!